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    Innova-Messtechnik is one of the leading
    Electrobiologists in Germany and Switzerland.
    We bring you here a decade long known and
    always underestimated problem. Electrosmog,
    Water veins and earth rays, the invisible triggers
    for health problems.

  • room measurements
    The building as a living space cannot only be
    described in terms of its reduce mere function.
    The aim of electrobiology is to create a healthy living and working
    environment to create, which offers protection and comfort.
  • Cell-Balance
    Disruptive factors such as electrosmog at the sleeping
    place can cause health problems.
    Many of our ailments and also more serious
    Problems are unfortunately triggered there.

What do we do. ...


Innova-Messtechnik is one of the leading electrobiologists in Germany and Switzerland. Here we bring you closer to a problem that has been known for decades and is always underestimated. Electrosmog, water veins and earth rays, the invisible triggers for health problems. The healing power of pulsating currents has been known since ancient times. The modern, pulsating wellness stimulation current systems are increasingly becoming the focus of interest when it comes to starting the self-healing process in the case of chronic illnesses or for general health maintenance.
Broken bones, scars and wounds react quickly to the pulsating wellness stimulation current systems. But also rheumatism, osteoarthritis and arthritis are complaints that are ideally positive

can be influenced. They release blockages and stimulate the body to heal itself. A growing number of therapists are using the extraordinary power and quality of this natural energy. The modern, pulsating wellness stimulation current systems are a life-shaping and life-sustaining force of nature, especially for humans. All life processes are to be understood as electrical, nowhere in nature can one speak of an absence. That is why a healthy balance of currents is so important to us.

"The magnetic energy is the elemental energy on which the entire life of the organism depends."

(Nobel laureate W. Heisenberg)  

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