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body check

Energy body check .

Body check

Energy body check according to Dr. Full
Can be checked:

1. Small intestine
2. Heart
3. Hormone - Thyroid
4. Musculature, delay/organ degeneration
5. Metabolism
6. Blood - Circulation
7. Veg. Nervous system, nerve degeneration
8. Liver, bile, large intestine
9. Lungs, bronchi
10. Lymph glands
11. Kidneys, Bladder
12. Bones, joints, musculoskeletal system

How does the analysis according to Dr. Full
Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll gives us the opportunity to directly inquire about the vital condition of the body and its organs. This method is predestined for determining even minor vital changes in all organ systems. An electromagnetic resistance measurement is carried out via specific skin organ points, which allows the cell vitality of the organ systems to be checked. What does the electroacupuncture measurement say?

First and foremost, electroacupuncture is used to detect disorders and strains on organs in the early stages. The cell vitality becomes measurable because the flow of bioelectric current changes compared to the normal case, even before an illness takes root in the body. Since even the smallest energetic changes can be measured via the acupuncture points, electroacupuncture according to Dr. Fully a targeted and meaningful preventive diagnostics.

Where can I get the energy body check according to Dr. Have it done?

You can have this measurement carried out directly on site at our trade fair events and lectures. We will provide you with a measurement protocol with your values.
Thanks to our strong presence at trade fairs, you are welcome to have this test done more often. We will visit you again at regular intervals and you can have your vitality checked again.


Energy body check. We would also be happy to advise you by phone:

Germany: +49 - (0)831 - 697 14 99
Switzerland: +41 (0)71 – 245 92 51