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fault zones

Geopathogenic fault zones.

Geopathology is made up of the syllables "geo", something that has to do with our earth, and "pathology", which doctors and naturopaths call the science of diseases or their origin.
For example water veins. Correspondingly, geopathology is understood to mean phenomena that can cause symptoms or illnesses and which originate from our earth. The geopathologist is trained to find the radiation that is disturbing or pathogenic. He investigates natural and technical radiation fields.

Quote Paracelsus: (1493 – 1541 AD)
"A sick bed is the surest means of ruining one's health!"

water veins
Underground watercourses
Under certain conditions, water veins can have an enormously negative impact on our lives. Water flowing underground is under very high pressure. Here, the minerals that the water carries with it rub against the rock and minerals of the earth. A very strong frictional energy is created, which spreads upwards and has a negative effect on the earth's magnetic field. These have negative effects on all living organisms and thus also on the human organism. These shifts have a negative impact on many important functions of the human body.

Standing and flowing waters
Are water veins dangerous? A distinction is made here between standing and flowing water. While the stagnant waters do not harbor any "danger" and are therefore to be treated as neutral, it is the flowing "water veins" that cause problems. Such water veins run through almost every point on earth. There are few places where you won't find one. A water vein cuts through the hardest granite and can take a completely different course after a few years. The intensity is also different. Depending on the weather and even the influence of the moon (tides), the vein can become stronger or weaker. The earth is alive.

Earth rays
Earth rays – the wrong term?
The course of the grids (Hartmann – global) (Curry – diagonal) is radiesthetically harmless. Only at their crossing points do they have a highly negative effect on the earth's magnetic field. Simply because of the fact that the harmonic magnetic field of the earth collapses at such crossing points, these fault zones are popularly referred to as "earth rays".

Earth Radiation
Natural magnetic field holes
In a complex interaction with the natural magnetic field, these grids can have a negative effect on people. This is incorrectly referred to by the vernacular as earth radiation. In fact, they are natural magnetic field holes. If you consider that we would not exist without the earth's magnetic field, then it becomes clear that these holes affect us negatively. We will be happy to inform you about the harmfulness of this "earth radiation", when and how it occurs and what can actually be done to counteract it. Are you tired, do you have frequent headaches, are you insomniac or do you tend to get depressed? Then this disruptive factor could be the reason.

Earth faults
Our earth consists of plates that rub at the seams. These frictional energies lead to a collapse in the earth's natural magnetic field, which can have negative effects on the entire body. This is particularly evident in areas with increased seismic activity, e.g. Rheingraben (Basel, Freiburg) San Andreas Graben (California). Triggers are earthquakes and especially tsunamis. The same applies to rock fractures.


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