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Frequently asked questions about electrosmog, geopathogenic zones, etc.
What is electrosmog?
Electrosmog is a collective term for all artificially generated electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic radiation.

How do you measure electrosmog?
The exact measurement of the interference fields in the respective frequency range requires professional equipment and sufficient specialist knowledge. Electrosmog should only be measured by a specialist.
What are ionizing and non-ionizing radiation?
Ionizing rays have enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms or molecules. Non-ionizing radiation cannot do this. The potential for damage to the human body is much higher with ionizing radiation than with non-ionizing radiation.
Can you protect yourself from electrosmog? Yes, you can protect yourself. However, it is very difficult to guarantee 100% protection in everyday life. However, you can protect yourself against it. Ideally, the resting place, usually the bed in the bedroom, should be designed to be as radiation-free as possible, since you spend an average of 6 - 8 hours in it every day.
Are there any basic rules on how to protect yourself from electrosmog? There are. It is important to keep as far away as possible from the sources of electrosmog. There is one rule for the bedroom: get rid of all electrical devices. Essential equipment such as lamps, sockets and cables should be as far away from the bed as possible. It is more difficult to protect yourself effectively from external sources, such as the most diverse transmitter systems (some of which have extremely high power).

Do measurements need to be taken indoors?
In order to determine an exact load, it is absolutely necessary. A measurement must be made directly on site. No valid statement can be made otherwise.
What are electromagnetic fields?
At high frequencies, electric and magnetic fields are coupled. Each one causes the other. So both always appear together as electromagnetic fields.
What are magnetic fields?
Magnetic fields are created wherever electric charges move and an electric current flows.

What is a frequency?
The number of repetitions per second (oscillations per second) is called the frequency. It is measured in Hertz. What is low frequency?
Low frequency is the frequency range between 0 – 30 kHz in which there are both electric and magnetic fields.
What is high frequency?
High frequency is the frequency range between 30 kHz - 300 GHz in which the electric and magnetic fields merge and thus become electromagnetic fields.
What does 'dB' mean?
The abbreviation 'dB' stands for decibel. It is a size specification that was created to compare two sizes with each other and to display the result in measurement curves. Can the mobile phone be used as a measuring tool?
The mobile phone increases its performance when reception is weak and is therefore also a poor measuring instrument because it does not behave consistently.

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